Is it mandatory to be up to date with the vehicle insurance to drive in the USA?

Some companies offer temporary car insurance policies to drive in the United States and Canada.

Some companies offer temporary insurance policies for driving in the United States and Canada in Google, you will find many companies and businesses that provide this type of service.

In this article we recommend that the Policy is authorized by the CNSF (National Insurance and Bonding Commission) and by the SHCP (Ministry of Finance and Public Credit) there is also the possibility that the residents of Mexico who drive their car temporarily in the United States United and Canada can drive temporarily through the country without any complications, we recommend that the insurance companies for vehicles have at least 10 years in the market so you will feel calm at the time that you suffer an accident

keep in mind

We recommend to the people that the insurance companies offer you the minimum coverage required to drive in any State of the United States and Canada.

ask for the services that I mention below

Legal assistance

Life insurance in case of emergency

Cash in Case of Emergency

Car rent

Repatriation of remains

Roadside assistance


Tourist information

our recommendation is to drive with care, not the speed limit, if taken it is better to assign another person remember that it is a duty of all that we are up to date with the obligatory insurance for our vehicles.

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