the safest cars in the world 2018

Several car classifications in terms of reliability, safety, speed and other criteria are quite popular, since they allow buyers to quickly determine the choice of car. The safest cars in the world have a number of features that allow the owner to feel comfortable while driving, even on roads in poor condition and in adverse weather conditions

What factors affect car safety?

Safety is one of the most important properties of vehicles. A number of factors affect safety.

Weight and class. The greater the weight and class of the car, the greater its survival in an accident. Under the same conditions, passengers tied up in the cab in the collision receive much less stress. This figure is particularly high in full-size SUVs and executive-class sedans.

The age of the car.
 The design of the modern body of the car is complemented by power elements, which soften the blow and dampen the speed. The chassis of modern automobiles is particularly durable and is built with high strength steel grades. The adequate space to reduce the damage is maintained even under particularly heavy loads.

Chassis The chassis of a modern automobile automatically stabilizes it when turning and automatically reduces the speed. Of considerable importance are the details. For example, the sensitivity to the direction, the valkost and the location of the center of gravity.

The degree of electronics of the equipment.

Modern electronic systems increase driving safety. Among these systems stand out: windows and mirrors with heating, video review and monitoring of road signs and signaling (which especially helps novice drivers), electronic control of dynamics.

According to tradition, the safest place in the car is the place immediately behind the driver. Statistics also show that the back seat further to the right is a relatively safe place. In any case, it is safer to be in the back seat during an accident. The safety of the seat depends completely on whether the person is sitting. After all, if you hit at high speed, a person can fly forward by inertia. Do not neglect the safety belts.

Leading organizations
Euro NCAP is the largest national organization that performs vehicle tests to create the safest car qualification. The American IIHS is also very popular (in the United States it is the road safety insurance institute). The indicators of the rating agencies are different, but in general, both resort to a crash test that simulates a frontal impact with a change.

In early 2016, the IIHS notified the world’s automakers of changes to the safety requirements for high prizes. To reach the highest rating, it was necessary to obtain the highest scores. An autonomous braking system was also needed. In addition, two tests were introduced to verify the operation of the emergency braking system. Only the safest and most reliable cars participated in this competition.

At the same time, if as a result of the crash test, the car received high scores, but to test the emergency brake system the scores were not that high, then the highest IIHS rating was out of the question. Several improvements have allowed cars in 2016 to significantly improve performance.The designers analyzed the rigidity of the body, which was designed to protect the driver and passengers during a frontal impact. In addition, work is being done to introduce an electronic braking system.

Here are the top 10 safest cars.

Open the top ten of the safest cars at the same time, three cars: Volvo S60, S80 and XC60. Swedish cars have been known as one of the safest. The cars were good during the crash test, earning 98 out of 100 points for the safety of the driver and passengers. These cars were assigned a five-star Euro NCAP rating. The Institute for Road Safety has assigned them a Top Safety Pick + rating.


In ninth place is the Acura MDX model. Acura produces superior quality all-wheel drive crossovers. This model also has a “Top Safety Pick +” and received the highest IIHS score. The main characteristic of the model is the presence of a large number of “intelligent” electronic devices, capable of avoiding collisions and notifying the driver about the possibility of frontal collisions.

The model is equipped with numerous front and side airbags. There is even a pillow that protects the driver’s knees.


Eighth place: Mazda 3. The model, although not new, has gained popularity among motorists. The Euro NCAP European Committee tested this car during the crash tests. Participation in the tests provided the five-star rating of the model.

During the tests, the Mazda 3 withstood frontal and lateral impacts. The warning systems for drivers and emergency braking in this model work perfectly. There is also a curious development of Smart City Brake Support, which allows you to keep a safe distance between cars on the road. The so-called “intelligent control” applies the brakes independently and stops the vehicle.

The Mazda system includes a system of blind zones, which allows you to keep track of what is happening behind. But the windshield models are strong enough, therefore, Mazda did not receive higher ratings due to the doubts of the experts regarding the safety of pedestrians.


The next model is the Chevrolet Spark (read also the characteristics of the Chevrolet Aveo). ). This model has a quite original design and is distinguished by its general trunk and its trunk relatively small. The Road Safety Institute has awarded the Chevrolet Spark Top Safety Pick + rating. At a speed of 64 kilometers per hour (the average speed of a car in a city), the car collided with a tree and a column.

As test material, passenger mannequins were used, which at the time of the collision remained seated in their seats due to an adequate fixation in the chair. The airbags during all the tests worked correctly. However, due to its small size, the reliability of the case after the impact remains doubtful, it did not allow the Chevrolet Spark to obtain even higher ratings.


Renault Zoe is in sixth place and has at least the original design than the previous model. The dimensions of the car facilitate parking, even in remote locations. It is believed that small cars are the least safe in a collision, but so to speak about Renault Zoe. Already in 2013, the model was included in the list of the safest cars in the world.

In its class, the car received the maximum points: 89 points out of 100 on the safety scale of the driver and the adult passenger, 80 points in the protection of child passengers and 66 in the safety of pedestrians. In a frontal and lateral collision with a pillar, the model showed insufficient bodily vulnerability. The same is possible in a collision with a car of larger dimensions.


Maserati Ghibli – executive class car. In the ranking of the safest cars occupies the fifth place. High points sedan provided Euro NCAP organization. The “Top Safety Pick +” rating was assigned by Road Safety Institute.


Fourth place – Jeep Cherokee. This model of an SUV ia. It’s no wonder that most off-road vehicles are called “jeeps”. The model has many advantages. For example, the cruise control system, which allows orientation to radar and video cameras. This allows you to maintain the necessary distance.

If necessary, a complete stop of the vehicle. The “Lane Departure Warning Plu” system warns you about the crossing of road markings. This is especially true in large cities, where marking often changes. The dimensions of the jeep allow it to absorb the impact force. The car showed great body strength in frontal and side collisions, but not a high enough score for the safety of pedestrians prevented the model from being placed in the top three.


In third place is the Korean compact van Kia Carens. A high score for the safety of the driver and the passenger (94 of 100) allowed this car to reach the first three. The Euro NCAP organization assigned a five-star rating to the model. In the Kompaktvenov class Kia Carens leads in terms of safety.

The qualification of protection of pedestrians in case of accident prevented the car from climbing even higher in the qualification. In a collision, the safety of pedestrians is estimated at 64 points out of 100. Unfortunately, Kia Carens is not supplied to the Russian market. You can buy a model only abroad.


Silver medal gets Lexus IS 300h. This model is quite popular and is one of the best Lexus models. Lexus is popular and occupies a decent place in premium car sales. The Lexus IS 300h, unlike previous models, managed to score high points for the safety of pedestrians in the bumper area during an accident. For the protection of the driver and passengers, the scores are also quite high, 91 out of 100.

Thanks to the presence of an “active hood” that reacts with special sensors to collisions and opens automatically, ensuring the safety of a pedestrian. The Euro NCAP test gave Lexus 66 points out of 100 for the reliability of its electrical systems. This indicator fully meets the requirements of the European and American organization.


The safest car in the world 2018 – Qoros 3 Sedan Qoros. A little-known model estimated in Euro NCAP obtained the highest points score. The interior of the car is extremely resistant to head-on collisions. Excessive resistance ensures maximum safety for passengers and the driver in a collision. The head, thoracic and pelvic regions are better protected. These parts of the body are injured more frequently in traffic accidents, therefore, they are the most vulnerable. The designers took this into account when developing the model.

The child safety indicator of the model is estimated at 87 points out of 100. The seats of the shock proof car seats resisted the lateral and frontal impacts. The collision of a child with the interior elements of the cabin is excluded. The protection of pedestrians in the bumper area is scored 77 points. The American organization TRW, which is dedicated to the supply of electronic systems, provided in many aspects this model with high critical ratings. The cost of a premium sedan is an average of 20,000 euros.

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